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Although based in Cornwall (UK) we travel to the majority of shows in the UK trying to locate unusual and exciting bottles to sell


Originally selling on eBay as Powersellers ‘Piskey1‘ (1860+ feedback with 100%) and ‘Pastera‘ (2260+ feedback with 100%), we have now decided to concentrate all our efforts on the AA Auctions Ltd online auction site – This new absentee auction will specialise in the higher end items that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. We have 4 auctions a year with high quality photo’s, detailed descriptions and some real surprises (including the very best items from the ground-breaking and historically important ‘Olive Talbot’ mineral water bottle discovery of November 2014 that really was the talk of the month/year !)




I started collecting in the mid-’70’s, scouring the foreshore in Cornwall looking for buried treasure. I also had an interest in metal detecting after my uncle brought one of the very first metal detectors over from Canada in 1975! – It was a steep learning curve as no-one else seemed to share my interest, that is until I saw a book on the subject by Edward Fletcher and I was completely hooked from then onwards! – I joined the Cornwall Bottle Collectors Society (CBCS) in 1977 and even had my own bottle and collectables shop in Marazion, Cornwall from 1997-99….


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Now nearly 40 years after that first day of collecting, I’m still as keen as ever and am one of the few full-time specialist bottle dealers in the country – I also collect various bottles and advertising signs (including the better bottles and pot lids that I dig and really cherish) but I also have a large window display of coloured glass that also incorporates another of my specialist fields; early West Country ‘Skittles’ (mid-Victorian coloured-glass flat bottomed Hamiltons).




Collecting old bottles has taken me to various parts of the world (including Victoria, Australia and California, USA) and remote areas of Britain that I didn’t know existed! – But it’s the recovery of these long-forgotten artefacts from old Victorian refuse tips that is the most compelling and exciting aspect of the hobby for me. You’ll find various reports on previous excavations on the ‘digging’ pages




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