For beginners

We try and encourage as many ‘newbies’ as possible. From the very young to those that have retired and fancy something to do in their spare time. This hobby provides something for everyone. In fact there are very few such pastimes that are quite so absorbing and exciting.



You can choose to embrace the great outdoors in search of hidden treasure (many bottle-diggers go out in all weathers!) – You certainly don’t require any expensive equipment or machinery to get started (maybe just a fork, shovel, strong boots and protective gear including tough gloves) it’s just a question of where to start looking?! We’ll try and help with that a bit later on, as well as touching on topics like looking for the right signs of previous dumping, obtaining permission (a must!), what to keep and what to disppose of/leave, washing your prized finds, finding somewhere suitable to display it all, meeting like-minded collectors/ diggers, researching your finds, joining Facebook bottle groups/ forums etc., specialist books/ magazines and travelling to various shows dotted all over the UK (and abroad)